Saturday, March 31, 2012

Minecraft Crafts

Since my boyfriend and I only have one Minecraft account and he tends to hog it, I have spent the good part of my Saturday looking up Minecraft themed crafts. Enjoy!

First off, here are some papercrafts. These are excellent for when you don't have a lot of supplies at your disposal since all you really need is a good ole inkjet printer. Go ahead, nerd up your workspace.

If you want to wake up everyday with a deep sense of fear, here is this awesome Creeper alarm clock made out of cardboard! Don't worry, it isn't explosive. 

Now on to crochet. Give the nerds in your life what they really want: amigurumi minecraft. 
This crochet creeper looks fantastic! I just wish I have the right colors for him. She also made an awesome pig and a sheep. I'm pretty sure her patterns are up for sale on etsy.

If free is what you want, then this guy is totally for you!

I absolutely LOVE this plushie!! I just don't think I would have the patience to make him. His head even rotates! How great is that?!

Now we go on to cross stitch. Cause you really can't have a game that is made up of little squares and pixels without having some awesome cross stitch! 

If you ever wondered what you could do with those odd little plastic craft pixels, ponder no longer. These sculptors are epic!

Last but not least: Food. Yes, Minecraft inspired food in all of it's sugary glory.

That's all for now, Folks!

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